Niche Areas of the Law You Might Not be Aware Of!

Law, and the specialization of law, has come a long way since it was first introduced in ancient Greece and Rome. Retired lawyers would be able to testify to the law’s evolution and the creation of new niches within the sector. Most people know that criminal law exists due to highly publicized cases, the news, or crime and investigation programs. But there are so many more different types of law that exist that you would be hard pressed to find an area that a niche lawyer does not specialize in.

The A, B, and C Niche

Agricultural law. The niche of agriculture law exists because of the vast processes agriculture encompasses. Niche areas of agriculture law can be found in environmental law, international trade treaties, and agricultural processes such as finance, labor, and even pesticides. Agricultural lawyers are used in farming rights, land tenures, marketing, and insurance in the sector. There are even lawyers practicing in climate change issues.

Banking and financing law. Legal matters affecting the financial industry are undertaken by banking and finance lawyers. These lawyers specialize in matters such as foreclosures, liquidation, mergers, public offerings, or acquisitions. Banking and financing corporate often hire firms to represent them in matters needing legal advice in daily operations in order to be compliant.

Commercial and corporate law. Commercial lawyers specialize in the persons and businesses operating commercially who need representation or advice. Commercial law is a branch of civil law and deals in both private and public matters. Corporate law is exactly that, and corporates who operate need legal representation as described above in banking law. Commercial law extends to niche areas such as music law.

Civil law now includes inclusion niches such as the LGBT niche lawyers, civil rights firms, and libel or defamation lawyers.

Medical Law

Medical law probably has the most niche areas. Just think of all the advertisements you have heard or seen for personal injury and medical malpractice or negligence, for example. There are even lawyers specializing in surgical mesh malfunction. Almost every area within the medical sector is a niche lawyer practicing law.

Technology and Legislation

With the rise of technology and the 4th Industrial Revolution in full swing, lawyers have found a niche in cyber-crime and crypto currencies. We may soon see lawyers fighting for the rights of artificial intelligence. Law firms are now specializing in social media law due to the need for the protection of privacy and civil rights within the techno space.

Legislation has also evolved, which has required the need for legal representation for things such as the growth and use of cannabis, genetic therapy, or solar power corporations. Technology, telecommunications, and media are all growing sectors that require niche law firms, especially in African countries, where these sectors are booming.

Attorneys have been forced to become experts in emerging fields in every decade, and this most certainly will continue to be the trend. If you ever find yourself wondering whether you need a lawyer, chances are that you will find a niche lawyer (even in the most bizarre cases). You only have to do a search online!

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